As there are no longer any PS4 stock shortages,
the Argos stock locator is currently disabled.

Argos PS4 Stock Locator


Check which Argos store has the PS4 in stock today. Our search, unlike the one on the Argos website goes nationwide.

Follow these instructions to secure your PS4 Console

  1. Find a local store
  2. Copy the Postcode (CTRL-C)
  3. Click the blue link to open the page
  4. From the new window, click the 'Check stock locally' button
  5. Paste the Postcode in to check stock (CTRL-V)
  6. When stock is found, click the 'Select store' button
  7. Click 'Buy or Reserve' to secure your console
  1. Find a store
  2. Note the Postcode
  3. Click the link
  4. Click 'Check stock locally' button
  5. Enter the Postcode
  6. Select a store and 'Buy or Reserve'
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Argos Stock Locator

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