PS4 Tops Retail Web Traffic Charts this Xmas

Andrew MacGregor

A survey of UK retailers shows the PS4 received more web traffic this Xmas than the Xbox One


PS4 Tops Retail Web Traffic Charts this Xmas

According to a survey by, UK games retailers received more PlayStation 4 related traffic this Xmas than any other console.

It is important to look at the difference in percentages here. The percentages are part of the site's total web traffic, so for a dedicated games retailer such as GAME the absolute percentages are very high. Conversely for a supermarket such as Tesco, the relative video games related traffic is very low.

If the data is to be believed the differences are pretty clear. Zavvi showing 168% more traffic for the PS4 than the Xbox One. Strangely, GAME the UK's number one games retailer is showing just a 9% difference.

Here are the numbers

  • GAME: PS4 12% / Xbox One 11% - difference of 9%
  • Zavvi: PS4 8.6% / Xbox One 3.2% - difference of 168%
  • Argos: PS4 1.2% / Xbox One 0.9% - difference of 33%
  • Tesco: PS4 0.3% / Xbox One 0.2% - difference of 50%
  • Asda: PS4 1.1% / Xbox One 0.6% - difference of 83%

Just how get their data is a bit of a mystery if you consider the fact that Google stopped passing keyword referral data months ago. According to clickconsult, the current keyword not provided figure stands at 81.50%. In the UK it is far worse, closer to 100%.

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